You can transform lives

The only problem? Self-doubt is running the show

Isn't it time for a change?

are you a leader? a changemaker?

I see you shaking your head, saying “I'm not sure if I would call myself that…yet”
There’s a hesitation, a fear “who am I to describe myself that way?”
Uncertainty and insecurity come creeping in.

The imposter syndrome is all too real.

You're destined to do great things

I see your passion and I see your heart

You put your people at the centre of everything you do. You want to see them break through their blocks, you want their lives to be filled with ease, you want to give them the tools they need to realize their dreams.

You want to impact as many people as possible with your services, your courses, and your content because you know, in your core, that is what you are here to do

But you are your own worst critic

You find yourself thinking...

"Everything I teach is so obvious, everyone knows it already"
"What if I can't get people results with my program?"
"No one will take me seriously without [insert X number of followers, Y special credential]"
"What if my people don't get the value out of the services I offer?"

Can I let you in on a secret? The value you bring to your people isn't about the length of your webinar or the amount of content you share

It's the unique way you combine your expertise, experience and authentic self to lead your people to lasting transformation

It’s time to step into your power and awaken your inner changemaker.

What if I told you there was a way to...

Cut through the #allthethings overwhelm
Turn the volume way down on that doubting voice in your head
Know with confidence that what you're creating for your people will get them amazing results

What if you knew every offer, every piece of content you created was intentionally designed to lead your people to transformation?

You have the knowledge. You have the experience. And you definitely have the heart. Now let me give you my secret weapon .

Through years of working with clients in all fields, in everything from marine animal safety (yay saving the whales!) to money manifesting magic, I've honed my signature framework for designing transformative learning experiences.

I've done the research, I've applied the theories, so all you need to do is take action

This proven framework gives you a step by step process that leads you through every aspect of taking your knowledge and experience and turning it into something incredible for your people. Whether it's your signature course, a 1:1 service, a group program or even a blog post, you can use this framework to ensure you're giving your people everything they need to get maximum results.

Get your ideas out of your own head and out there in the world

Here's the truth: You can have all the tools in the world

But if you don't put them into action, you won't make any progress. One thing my clients all have in common, is that everyone, whether they're a solopreneur or a 7-figure business owner, needs that special blend of firm (yet gentle) check-ins and supportive cheerleading along the way so that they can make things happen.

I can teach you my signature framework until I'm blue in the face, but if you don't have the right support and accountability to back it up, all your brilliant ideas are going to stay in the land of what if...

Ready to get everything you need to ignite change?

Welcome to the Loft

The Loft is the perfect blend of group coaching meets mastermind meets 1:1 support

All combine together for an incredible experience and community to guide you in building a transformational journey for your audience.

The Loft is built on three guiding principles:

calm confidence

You feel it in your soul that what you know has the ability to impact people's lives in powerful ways through your content and services. But that inner critic has you second and third and fourth guessing every word your write or offer you make. In the Loft, I'll guide you through my signature framework for leading people through transformation, whether that’s in the form of a course, service, blog or something entirely unique to you.

gentle accountability

Dreams and big goals are not something we are short of as heart-centred entrepreneurs. A wise person once said, a dream without a plan is just a wish. Your mission, your movement is too important to stay up in that big picture vision. In the Loft, you'll find the tools and the accountability you need to make. things. happen. 

soulful community

Have you ever met someone and instantly had the feeling of “did we just become best friends?” The Loft is a community filled with heart centred entrepreneurs on the same journey as you–– to create transformational learning experience for their people. We’re here together to inspire, support and overcome fears so we can embrace the leaders we are meant to be.

love notes

The Loft is a safe place where I can share my struggles and grow from them, while getting assistance from a guide and support from a community.

Emily is just what you need in an online world that is saturated with so much fluffy content. Her personality is just amazing, and love the value she shares with all of her tools and tips. Love this girl!

Emily has the unique ability to make everyone feel welcome, and that is a gift to the rest of us

Emily brings a genuine curiosity and big heart to everything she does. Her warm, nurturing style and thoughtful insights are just what thought leaders need to help them create transformation in the people they serve.

Are you ready to go from chronic overthinking to clarity and confidence?

What will you find inside of the Loft?


Signature Framework for Modern Leaders

This proven process leads you step by step through designing cohesive programs, services, products and more that create meaningful change for others in a way that you feel confident sharing with the world


Private Community

A private Facebook community of like-minded leaders who help you go from feeling low-vibe, overwhelm and totally bogged down by the mess in your head to supported, energized and completely clear on what to do next.


personalized feedback

Ever feel like everything comes to a grinding halt because you just keep going around and around in your head. Should I go with option A or B? Which order makes the most sense? Do these images match my brand? Is all of this just totally dumb?

Get personalized, timely feedback on all the amazing things you're creating so that you don't have to lose one moment of momentum.


Guest Expert Workshops

In order to show up for our people, we need to show up for ourselves, which is why you’ll be learning from diverse experts on range of topics, including mindset, media and publicity, simplifying your business, pricing your offers, and more, so that you get the tools, strategies and resources to be the best leader you can be.


BIWEEKLY Coaching Calls

In these 60 minute, deep dive coaching sessions, you’ll get individualized attention to answer everything from those big, daunting questions to those tiny little things you can't stop overthinking. This isn’t a gauntlet, this is a loving container for break-through growth.
There’s no such thing as too many questions.


Champagne Soirees

A quarterly virtual soirée where we take a moment to pause, pour the champagne and celebrate so that instead of feeling self-doubting and like you’re spinning your wheels, you can feel proud of the progress you’re making and the incredible things you’re accomplishing.

love notes

The Loft is a safe place where I can share my struggles and grow from them, while getting assistance from a guide and support from a community.

In the Loft, we're walking similar journeys and we're all there for one purpose: to become better leaders

Emily has the unique ability to make everyone feel welcome, and that is a gift to the rest of us

Emily helped me see things I couldn't see, and in our collaboration we've created something very special together. I'm incredibly grateful for her combination of expert program design and heart-centeredness!

You have everything you need inside you to build a path for your audience, it's time to get started

You don't need a basquillion courses

(Yes that's a made up number)

You’ve bought all the courses. You’ve consumed all the information. You’re relentless in searching for anything and everything that will make you feel more confident, less like an imposter, more assured in what you are creating, less afraid of being a disappointment, more certain that you’re giving your people absolutely everything they need.

You're always searching for more. You're always giving more. And I know that's because you care. so. much.

You are not alone.

I see this all the time in my clients. They are best-selling authors. Talented business owners. Life-changing coaches. They are strong, brilliant, incredibly capable people.

And yet, they are always second guessing themselves. Doubting if what they’ve created is good enough. Questioning the number of slides, the price point, the amount of content.

Trust me, I get it because I have 100% been there too.


Hi, I'm Emily

Loft foundress, creative visionary, chronic overthinker

I shrugged off words like leader and visionary for a long time. I made overthinking look like an art form the way I would question, “what would people think? I can’t call myself a leader! Who am I to be teaching these people anything, let alone leading them!”

I was convinced that any day someone would shout out, “wait! She doesn’t actually know what she’s talking about, why are we listening to her? We know this all already!” (cue the scene from Princess Bride where Buttercup gets booed)

It didn't matter that I actually did know what I was talking about, I was still constantly looking for that perfect blog post, the right course, the ideal book to give me permission to stop overthinking and actually feel confident in what I do.

When I finally developed my signature process and surrounded myself with an amazingly supportive community, everything changed.

I felt like I was unfurling into my business and started seeing huge growth and momentum. I was able to take inspired and intentional action, instead of feeling constantly overwhelmed by a never ending to-do list. But most importantly, I no longer felt paralyzed by self-doubt because I knew that I was empowering my people to get real results.

Now, I'll be honest, the overthinking is never going to fully go away, BUT...

We can turn the volume on it way down, and turn your confidence levels way up.
When you use my framework to design your program, your service, and your content, you'll be able to know without a doubt that you are giving your people the exact path they need to transform their lives.

A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way - John C. Maxwell

Everything you need to lead your people and ignite change - in one community

Are you ready to step up and be the leader you are meant to be?

Your 90 day Loft experience includes:

  • 60 minute private coaching call to set your focus and make your action plan ($250 USD value)
  • Biweekly group coaching calls
  • Signature framework for modern leaders
  • Guest expert workshops
  • Private Facebook community of biz besties
  • Quarterly champagne soirees to celebrate your successes!
  • The option to renew your membership at a reduced Alumni rate!
  • *BONUS* A gift in the mail to spark joy for you
  • *BONUS* Leadership camp tuition for a child in Lesotho donated on your behalf

Pay in Full


3 Payments of


Have questions?
Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the digital content, no refunds will be given. If you want to chat and see if the Loft would be a good fit for where you are in your journey right now and the goals that you have, I love having virtual coffee chats! You can book one here:

What and/or who does this framework work for?

I've used this framework for everyone from government agencies to academic institutions to 7-figure business owners, to solopreneurs. The framework doesn't depend on content nor does it need a specific format. I've worked with clients to apply this framework to design their signature program, but I've also used it to help people connect their lead magnet to their main offer. Not sure if it will work for your big vision? Let's chat! @modernleadersco on Instagram! 

I thought the Loft used to be a monthly membership?
When I first started the Loft, it was intended to be more of a self-study program with community support so there was a library of trainings, the opportunity for a hot seat and a wonderful private community on Facebook. After a lot of reflection and listening to what my community was asking for, I decided to shift the Loft to be closer to a group program where I can be more hands on, available for feedback and coaching and really present to help support you as you design amazing transformation for your people. This is why the investment and format has shifted, as now the three month commitment includes a private 1:1 coaching call with me ($250 USD value), bi weekly group coaching calls and lot more customized support, along with lots of other goodies! 
If you want to chat and see if the Loft would be a good fit for where you are in your journey right now and the goals that you have, I love having virtual coffee chats! You can book one here:
I have a different question...

You can contact  and we'll be sure to answer as soon as we can!